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About Us

At The Musical Voyage Pte Ltd, we believe that music – the one true universal language – has the potential to touch every life. We have made it our mission to inspire young minds, involve every child and instill a life-long love for music in every soul through our programs.

We invite you to enroll your child in our music & movement program in Singapore. It’s a chance for them to be immersed in music while building the foundations of music in a fun and exciting manner. We offer various music & movement classes for you to choose from, ensuring that there is something for every young child.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to music education, yet understand the need for a stress-free learning environment. That’s exactly why we love doing what we do here with our programs – 


The world’s leading music and movement program is creatively and carefully designed to enrich children’s development in every learning domain. This research based program promises that each class is developmentally appropriate, intentional in its delivery, and multi-sensory in nature.

Soft Mozart

Founded in 2002 by Russian-trained musicologist and music educator Hellene Hiner, this software has paved the way for young children to learn how to play on the piano.

At The Musical Voyage, we love what we do and it shows. With the various programs that are offered, we’re confident that there is a great class for your little one, regardless of whether it’s to help them learn more about music or even learn how to play piano at an early age.

Adventures are the best way to learn. Come and join us on a musical journey today!

About Us

“Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.