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At what age can my child start classes?


We offer age-appropriate classes from 3 months old onwards.

Soft Mozart:

We offer age-appropriate classes from 2.5 years old onwards.

Give us a call at  6262 6373  to enquire an appropriate class for your child.


Can my child try a class first before he/she enrol?

Yes! We offer a 45 minutes trial class at one of the existing lesson slots to allow you to experience classes first hand before you decide whether to enrol your child. Contact the studio at  6262 6373  to schedule a trial class.


What happens in a class?


Class activities vary depending on your child's age. But most classes involve a mix of singing, instrument play, dancing and movement, story time, and other activities. Activities are designed to develop and strengthen your child's physical and neural functions, social-emotional skills, early literacy and early math, and much more.

Soft Mozart:

Class activities vary depending on your child’s age. A typical lesson plan includes flashcard solfeggio (right brain and speech memory training), song appreciation, singing and playing on Soft Mozart Piano software (hand-eye coordination), Soft Mozart module (Perfect pitch training, knowing the keyboard and Solfeggio sequence, rhythm knowledge, notes and staff recognition), and finger exercises (muscle memory).


What if my child doesn't participate in class?

Children learn in diverse ways, and hence, it does not mean that a child is not learning simply because he or she does not seem to be participating in class. Through our observations, some children can be quiet in class but they will sings the songs and do the activities they learnt when they are at home. We intend to give your child tools to bring the music and learning home.

Why are the home materials required?

The home materials provide parents with the necessary tools to extend learning from the classroom into the home. The home materials are effective in a way that it allows the child to get the full Kindermusik/Soft Mozart experience.