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Musikal Genesis

Kindermusik Our Time

What a Parent and Child Will Experience in Class:

  • Instrument play-along - Keeping the beat, and rhythm.
  • Vocal play – Vocal imitation, sound discrimination and tonal awareness
  • Ensemble skill development– Taking turns to play instruments at the right time
  • Vocal play – Vocal and rhythmic imitation, sound discrimination and tonal awareness
  • Exploration Time - Discovering specially designed instruments, textures, sounds, and movements.
  • Active Listening –Improves listening attention, sound discrimination, layering and labeling of of sounds
  • Story time and early literacy – Enhances language and speech development. The same experiences that help toddlers learn to read a book also help them learn to read music.
  • Movement Activities – Synchronized movement, group dances and circle games, and even expressive movement to understand musical phrase and forms.
  • Together Time— Spend quality time with your toddler, making memories together in class and at home.