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Welcome to our Community! Get to know the Kindermusik and Soft Mozart community by listening to our music, joining us on our facebook and youtube channel.


From the Expert:

"The program 'Soft Mozart' does not conflict with classical approaches of music learning. In fact, this program is a 'missing link' of traditional music education filling the lack of visual support during the first steps of acquaintance with the space of piano keys and musical notation......This program is a break-through approach because with its help any person, regardless of his or her talent, can learn how to read the music score and play the piano (or other keyboard instruments) with both hands and all ten fingers. This is important for development of music ear, memory, and for the sake of pleasure to learn music" 

Yuri Rozum, soloist of Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society, member of Russian National Academy of Natural Science. The president of Yuri Rozum International Charitable Foundation

From the Parent: