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Solfeggio Piano Key Stickers

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Solfeggio Piano Key Stickers

Solfeggio stickers are good for very young learners to promote music ear development through voice and singing.

Meanings of the colors and shapes:

  • 5 green stripes are for the keys corresponding with lines of the Treble Clef.
  • 5 brown stripes are for the keys corresponding with lines of the Bass Clef.
  • Half brown, half green stripe is for the Middle C (Middle Do) and represents the first additional line.
  • Red - color of all the line notes.
  • Blue - color of all the space notes.
  • Lightly colored blue space between the 3rd and 4th lines to indicate the beginning of the next octave

Why stickers?

  • Help to develop co-ordination
  • Remove the stress and anxiety from the fear of pressing the wrong one of countless similar-looking piano keys when learning to play.
  • Act as your musical road signs. With them you will never be lost and always will find the correct key to play.
  • The color scheme of these stickers creates a direct and subconscious visual association of piano keys with the music staff.

How long will I need the stickers?

Key stickers quickly lose their importance as students develop music skills and acquire confidence. After a short time, they simply provide subconscious visual hints rather than direct support for finding a key. You can gradually remove stickers for a student who already feels comfortable to read normal music score and play complicated songs without looking at piano keys.

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